Primary Belt Cleaners


TCS are proud to stock and service the CQMS Razer range of primary belt cleaners

H Series tungsten


The Razer H Series primary cleaner is suitable for vulcanised belt applications where a combination of high performance cleaning and low maintenance belt cleaning solution is required. The H-Series cleaner removes up to 80% of carry back materials left on the conveyor belt after product discharge.

H Series Superpole


The Razer H Series superpole is a primary cleaner specifically designed for large belt width high speed, high tonnage conveyor systems where a robust

H Series Polyurethane


An all round primary belt cleaner for applications where mechanical fasteners or excessive belt cover damage exists. All H Series Polyurethane cleaners are supplied with a spring adjuster system for continued self adjustment between services.

H Series Econocleaner


A variation on the Razer H Series polyurethane where cost effectiveness and cleaner performance come together. The Razer H Series econocleaner is designed to reduce capital outlay and ongoing maintenance costs while not compromising on belt cleaner performance.

H Series Scalper


A sturdy primary cleaner with low initial & ongoing maintenance costs. The Razer skalper cleaner offers self tensioning adjustment with fast blade change out for maximum on-site serviceability.

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