Rubber Mats

Horse Float

Horse Float Mat

Benefits arising from our horse float rubber flooring are:

Highly anti fatigue and increase productivity providing the maximum comfort to the Horse or Cow.

Rough textured surface provides traction and anti-slip properties.

Able to be used in muddy/clay areas

Heat resistant and non absorbent, does not retain moisture or harbor smells

Easy to clean

Ute Mats

Being an open weave means that moisture and condensation will not build up under the mat as it does with solid rubber sheeting.

Enough air circulates to allow the ute truck floor to dry. No retained moisture means no rust in floor of the ute truck.

Easy to clean with water and a brush as dirt will flow through . Also can be used in wet/dry areas as the holes in the design ensure air flow through.

Rubber surface and anti-skid properties will provide relief for tired, aching feet and back muscles.

Used in the transport industry.

This mat is a versitile mat as it can be used in many forms and areas;

Can be used in engine rooms, restaurants, bars, assembly lines, luggage areas, in the tray of the utility.

Ute Mat

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