Plate, Block and Wear- Fabrications

Our fabrication services stand up

to the toughest operating conditions. 


 Hardfacing + Tungsten Carbide Overlay

Many wear products need flow surface, crutch or leading edge wear protection. A hardfacing overlay allows very specific, and highly-effective wear protection. We have standard hardfacing and tungsten carbide overlay patterns designed from years of field operations to suit specific applications such as teeth and adaptors – and the knowledge to customise. All of our work is undertaken in compliance with our in-house specifications to choose the optimum alloys, welding procedure and part-heat preparation.

Cutting, Bending + Studding

Custom sized wear plates can be made from PACplate, which can be cut, bent, studded and welded while protecting product effectiveness and longevity. We can provide any custom sized wear plates you need, made in compliance with the PACplate fabrication specifications and AS1554 welding standards.

Structural Fabrications

Building on our deep knowledge of the size and operational needs of the mining industry, we have the expertise and facilities to deliver large fabrications – for shutdown maintenance or new project work. From tender and project coordination, through to documented and certified fabrication to support during site installation, we have the right combination of fabrication service and support.

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