Plate, Block and Wear- PACplate

CQMS Razer has an exclusive supply agreement for the important mining areas of Australia, North America and South America with a high volume, high technology manufacturer UPking Kurimoto .

PAC Plate1
PAC Plate 2
PAC Plate 3

The basic principles of UP clad plate manufacturing originated from Japan’s Kurimoto and continuous improvement by UPking has led to the development of its own fully automated process technology. This confers all round resistance to wear and has the following advantages:

  •    Very flat and smooth surface finish
  •    Outstanding wear resistance
  •    Lower production costs
  •    Excellent fusion strength
  •    Easily formable into required liners
  •    Consistent hardness through overlay thickness
  •    Moderate impact resistance
  •    Excellent heat resistance
  •    Easily welded to most structural steels

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PACplate Application

Dump Truck
Dump Truck 2



  • Shovels,
  • bin liners,
  • transfer chutes,
  • hoppers

Iron and Steel

  • Sinter screws,
  • feeders,
  • coke ploughs,
  • coke hoppers


  • Shovels,
  • bin liners,
  • transfer chutes,
  • hoppers

Bricks and Quarries

  • Pan tyres and pathways,
  • scraper blades,
  • baffler plates


  • Bucket elevators,
  • chute liners

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