Plate, Block and Wear- REMAR

Reinforced white iron = extreme durability + protection


When medium impact and superior wear-resistant castings are required, REMAR® is the solution. Created by CQMS Razer in 1982, REMAR® has a specially-coated steel mesh embedded inside the white iron as insurance against disintegration in operation.  In a manner similar to reinforced concrete, the mesh preserves the integrity of the casting in the event of a crack occurring during service. REMAR® has proven to be a cost-effective and outstanding method of using hard, long-life, white iron in applications, where there is low to moderate impact.

REMAR® delivers long wear life and low risk of failure to keep your plant operating for longer. It also has proven durability and performance, and is backed by CQMS Razer’s ongoing commitment to customer service.

Sizes + specifications

REMAR® is ‘custom’ made from customer drawings for specific applications.

Contact us to discuss your individual needs.

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