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RUBBADEX® combines Domite® with a rubber backing to achieve wear resistance and noise reduction properties in one. This product is an acoustic wear plate for abrasion and impact applications.

RUBBADEX® uses the same alloy as Domite® which is bonded and backed using either natural rubber or polyurethane. Our RUBBADEX® product is very effective in suppressing noise by up to 13 dbA. The steel backing and rubber sandwich impact toughness to the white iron and reduce vibration transmitted to the supporting structure.

With today’s tougher Occupational Health and Safety legislation and the need for improved working conditions, RUBBADEX® wear plates offer an effective solution in mines and quarries, or anywhere there is a combination of wear and noise.

RUBBADEX® is available in thicknesses of up to 75mm and in all commonly used wear plate sizes. Refer to the list of standard offerings below and contact us for your special RUBBADEX® requirements.

Specifications + sizes

RUBBADEX® is custom made from customer drawings for specific applications.

High impact application

DOMITE® on a steel-rubber-steel backing structure gives greater impact resistance for very high impact applications.

Low to moderate impact application

Chrome moly white iron bonded directly onto rubber with a steel backing plate is suitable for low to moderate impact applications.

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