Shutdown Conveyor


TCS operates an experienced shutdown team in NW Tasmania. Having regularly serviced major miners Grange Resources Port Latta and Savage River, Bluestone Mines, Tas Joint Venture and BIS, TCS specialises in the maintenance, repair and replacement of all components associated with Mine and Port Materials Handling Infrastructure.

TCS can offer clients the unique service of complete due diligence when planning shutdowns. Critical aspects central to safely meeting demanding timeframes include assessments of physical access, cranage requirements, scaffolding, guarding and pre-works. TCS can respond quickly to client needs and mobilise resources accordingly.

•  Conveyors
•  Conveyor replacement & alignment
•  Motor and gearbox replacement & upgrades including laser alignment
•  Pulley & roller replacements
•  Chute works including onsite liner replacement
•  Skirting alignment and replacement

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